Egg Poetry



The Egg Poetry website is a conduit for the delivery of poems (primarily mine)
to the widest audience possible. Feel free to enjoy them (or not) as you wish
within the terms and conditions of the copyright.

I, like many others, write poetry has a hobby for personal pleasure.
However, it is my view that they cease to have any purpose if I merely keep them
to myself and do not publish them. To that end, I am making them available here.

There are some that can be directly accessed from this page and I am now maintaining
a blog (see left), which should make the site more dynamic and interactive so please
visit there and contribute if you wish.

I have also published 3 e-books,in kindle format available from Amazon (again, see left)

I hope you enjoy my poems, keep coming back and tell others too!

Paul N Heginbotham
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